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Mac Flying Higher Mac McClelland

Mac Flying Higher

Mac McClelland

Published January 18th 2015
Kindle Edition
160 pages
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 About the Book 

“Mac, Flying Higher” is not a story of my life. That would be way dull- rather, it is a “collection of recollections” of various “happenings” in my life. I didn’t achieve any extraordinary goals during my lifetime, but I was fortunate, in that I had a very wide assortment of “careers”, all of which provided me with much enjoyment and some disappointment.I have been a cowboy, a farmer, a Marine Drill Instructor, a Marine Attack Pilot, a Marine Jet Fighter Pilot, a Marine- Helicopter Pilot, a real estate salesman, broker, building contractor, developer and spec builder.Each occupation has in some way contributed to my education and mental attitude. Some were not sufficiently exciting or amusing to rate space in this manuscript so were not included. (You should thank me for that!)Anything that I learned from my various escapades probably arrived too late to be of any value to me, but if any wisdom seeps down to you, the reader, or some amusement is derived from these writings, my time and effort will all have been worthwhile.